So you think you have a strong brand.  But how do you know you’ve chosen the right one? And more importantly, how do you know it’s working? We’ve identified six ways you can tell that your brand is resonating with your ideal customer, and a few of them may surprise you!


Fear of focus is one of the top reasons for failure in business. Especially in the beginning, it’s perfectly natural to feel as though your branding focus or position might ’box you in’.  When you focus your efforts on a particular customer, property type, area, etc., it can be frightening.  But the truth is, you can’t be all things to all people, and you can’t be known for everything in real estate.  Those who remain undefined and never take the chance to stand out will get lost in the crowd.  If you choose your brand carefully, you can become the most recognizable agent in your market and niche, and attract more than enough ideal customers to provide for the rest of your real estate career.

A unique brand will differentiate you from other agents.  You’ll know it’s resonating when people begin to make comments that relate directly to your branding, marketing and advertising, such as, “I saw your photo on my grocery cart again!”.  Most will be positive, and make you feel really great about your progress.  However, some people may share negative or snide remarks, and most of these (according to feedback from our clients) will come from other agents.  Frankly, that should make you giddy with excitement.  It lets you know you’re not only getting noticed, but you’re hitting a nerve with your competitors.

This one caught your attention, didn’t it?  Let’s be clear about this topic.  A well-defined brand is designed to dramatically increase the business you’re most suited for, and decrease the business that is least desirable and/or least profitable to you. Now it makes sense! Remember that the customers you don’t want to work with are just as important as those you want.  As stated above, you can’t be all things to all people.  Focusing your efforts defines you more clearly to your ideal customer, and what you lose on one end you will more than gain on the other.  This allows for the cream to rise to the top of your customer base.  Less effort, less waste…more satisfaction and more profit.

People will begin to recognize you and even mention your brand identifier or tagline. Not only should a great brand display authenticity and credibility, it should also be fun.  For instance, Sheri Sperry (Coldwell Banker, Sedona, AZ) is known as Your Solutions Realtor.  Someone might say to her, “I’m so glad you arrived. I’ve got so many problems, I’ve just been waiting for some solutions.”  When people begin to have fun with your brand, you know it’s working!  Don’t hesitate to have fun with it yourself.  A little humorous self-deprecation is a great way to connect and bond with your customers.  And above all, you’ll be remembered.

PEOPLE ASK FOR SPECIFIC ADVICE: When you become known for your defined specialty, you will begin to receive calls, emails and messages asking for your advice on…your specialty!  The ultimate purpose of a great brand is to be seen as an authority in your chosen niche.  The words ‘chosen niche’ are very important.  People aren’t just calling you about any real estate topic, they’re calling to ask your guidance on specific areas in which you specialize.  And that’s a very clear indicator that it’s resonating.  In fact, it’s fantastic for the purpose of referrals. Your customers can say with great confidence, “Yes, I know someone who specializes in that”.

65% OF YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE IDEAL: Your goal is to determine and develop a brand that will resonate with your ideal customer.  If your brand is consistently displayed and passionately executed, over time those ideal customers will grow to make up a higher percentage of your customer base.  We feel that if your ideal customer makes up at least 65% of your base, your brand should be considered highly successful.

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