deerPerfecting your elevator speech is essential to clear communication and focus. I’ve helped many people do that very thing over the years. But (just between you and me), I’ve sort of sucked at doing it for myself. Until now, when someone asked what I do, my response often began with, “How much time do you have?” and resulted in the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights’ look.  Closely followed by, ‘Now, what exactly is it that you do?” That’s when you know it sucks.

Last week I made a trip to Georgia to visit a couple of clients, family and friends. The night before I left to head back home, I awoke at 3am with an elevator speech firmly planted in my brain. These middle-of-the-night brain bursts happen to me often, and normally I just convince myself that I’ll remember it the next morning and lazily doze off again. I think we both know how that story ends. However, this time I actually picked my phone up off the nightstand and recorded my thoughts! So here goes. This, my friends, is ‘what I do’:

“I help business owners and leaders discover (and get recognized for) the one thing that makes them different and meaningful to their ideal customer.”


Whew. Short, concise, multi-layered. I finally did it. I’d like to break it down for you so you know why it’s so powerful.

  1. My target audience is business owners and leaders. The leaders category encompasses several occupations such as CEO’s, Presidents, Directors, Partners and Sales Professionals. You don’t have to own a business to be the face of the business. In fact, one such example of a client that falls into the business leader category is the President of the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio. Another would be one of my real estate sales professionals.
  2. I help them discover and recognize. It all starts with discovery of what sets you apart, of course. Your position is the foundation that your marketing house is built upon. And if you can’t be recognized as an authority with that position, what’s the point, right?  That’s where the marketing comes in.  Recognition breeds familiarity, and people do business with people they know–and like.
  3. I help define the one thing that is different about each BrandFace©. That means helping them become laser focused, the very thing that most business owners and leaders are afraid of, but which results in a well defined message and marketing program that gets remembered and recognized above all others.
  4. That focused message must be meaningful. If it doesn’t hit at the heart of the problem your customers are experiencing and provide the solution they are seeking, you’ll miss the mark big time.
  5. Finally, I help people create an image and position that appeals to their ideal customer. Not just any customer, for they are not all created equal. Your ideal customer is one who will benefit most from what you provide and will not only do business with you, but will repeatedly do business with you and refer you to others.

That pretty much sums it up. My 3am epiphany will no doubt help me to become a better consultant and marketer.  I hope it helps you to more concisely share your own message and purpose…and to avoid the question, “Now, what exactly is it that you do again?”

P.S.  If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you in your efforts to focus, position and get recognized, take me up on a free 30-minute strategy session.  Let’s just consider that your 3am wake-up call:)