12-WEEK WORKSHOP for Business Owners, Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

This program is a 12-Week Workshop designed to help you:

  • Develop an iron clad brand & position that sets you apart from all your competitors
  • Create brand messaging, images & elements to market your new position effortlessly
  • Teach you how to extend your brand to ALL of your marketing platforms (social media, email marketing, website, collateral materials, etc.)
  • Teach you about new platforms, software and technology that will help you market SMARTER, not harder
  • Teach you ways to find and capitalize on PR opportunities to get more recognition
  • Connect you with other BrandFace® clients around the world (now in 20 U.S. states, 4 provinces of Canada & New Zealand!)
  • Receive one-on-one consulting and guidance from two of the top expert authors/speakers in Real Estate & Branding (Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr, partners of BrandFace®, LLC)

The workshop is delivered across these three areas:

  • ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS—private sessions via phone or video with Tonya & Michael to help you create, develop and display your brand with pride.
  • ONLINE TRAINING PLATFORM (24/7)—8 training modules include video & downloadable documents that guide us through 12 weeks together until we create, develop and display your unforgettable brand!
  • WEEKLY VIDEO TRAINING –Includes fresh new content every week, designed to help you display your brand (correctly and consistently) across every marketing platform you touch–and most of the ideas are low cost-to-no cost!

If you haven’t yet seen our 6 Secrets To Out-market Your Competitors webinar, you can view the replay here and you’ll learn more about the BrandFace concept!  Once you’ve viewed it, please click the link at the end of the webinar (or come back here and click on ‘Talk To Me’ at the top of this page) and let’s chat for free about exactly what it will take to overcome your challenges & reach the goal of becoming the most recognized & sought-after brand in your market and niche.