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Columbus, Ohio (September 4, 2014)—People don’t do business with a logo.  They do business with a person.  Tonya Eberhart is not the first author to write about personal branding, but she is the first to coin the signature term BrandFace™ and to apply modern marketing practices to a proven concept.   BrandFace™ is a guide to implementing effective integrated marketing principles and multiple media platforms to transform a business owner or leader into the face of their own brand using powerful personal branding strategies. Continue reading

Franchise BrandFace™? You Bet!

Franchise post picWhenever I have a chance to discuss the potential of working with a franchise owner as a BrandFace™, I generally get push-back caused by the frustration of franchise guidelines and previously lost battles. But I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to successfully represent your own brand, even if you own a franchise.

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8 Uses for Video Marketing

action signIncreasingly, we find ourselves suggesting and utilizing more and more online video for our client’s campaigns. Whether you’re using online video for a business introduction, product launch, customer testimonial, or tips and advice, it’s the most personal medium available.  We love it for many reasons. Here are just a few: Continue reading

First BrandFace™ Star of the Week!

Chandler Mason photo-smallTwo weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting someone with great marketing instincts from an industry which seldom produces great marketing (sorry, lawyers). I met with a lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia whose firm handles personal injury cases.

I frequently travel to Atlanta, and for months I have admired a billboard along I-85 North. It features a bald man with the message, “Injured? Don’t pull your hair out!”. At first, I chuckled out loud. Then I began to think about the genius behind the message. Considering the unapproachable stereotype of most lawyers, this campaign not only provided humor, it completely reversed that stereotypical image. I knew I had to meet this bald lawyer. Continue reading

No Time For Content?

No Time For ContentMy specialty is working with business owners who are the face of their brand. The most important thing they can do to establish their expertise is to share it with others. In the beginning of almost every BrandFace client relationship, I’ve heard the same thing: “I don’t have time to do the blog posts, videos and social media stuff”. And furthermore, “If I had time for that kind of stuff, I wouldn’t be hiring you”. Continue reading

Excellent BrandFace Content Marketing!

Michael Carr is one of my BrandFace clients.  He’s America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer and he also owns a real estate brokerage and home improvement company in the North Georgia area.  He expressed to me several times that many prospective home buyers are not aware of the benefits of having a Buyer’s Agent by their side to protect them throughout the process of buying a home.  And in fact, they are sometimes led to believe that it even costs less if they don’t have one.  Here’s a video featuring his explanation of why a Buyer’s Agency Agreement is so important.

My Childhood BrandFace Beginning

barnAs I begin this BrandFace journey, I’d like to share a personal childhood story which will give you some insight into my desire to succeed and to help others achieve professional and personal success as well.

My fascination with stardom began with my dream to fly. At the age of eleven, I orchestrated my own flight attempt from a barn loft. I could visualize myself soaring at least thirty feet across the yard, my accomplishments broadcast on the evening news with Dan Rather as though I was one of the Wright Brothers (but smarter because I could fly without machinery).  I would do the talk show circuits and then eventually teach others how to fly using the same methods. Continue reading

BrandFace Video Debut


Welcome to the BrandFace website, home of the new BrandFace marketing concept!  I’ve spent years learning and developing strategies for helping business owners and leaders become the face of their business–and a star in their industry.  And I’m sharing all this information in my new BrandFace book!  Watch as this video explains the history behind BrandFace, who should read it, and what readers will learn.