Only once in millionMy own background is in personal branding, and I spend a lot of time teaching the importance of being DIFFERENT.  Not better, but different.  I’ve unfortunately seen so many people waste advertising dollars marketing themselves from this place I call Better Land.

My fascination with ‘point of differentiation’ comes from the exposure early in my career to a phenomenal marketing book, “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” (Al Reis & Jack Trout).  It was literally the first book I read about marketing when I first began my career.  In the book, their ‘Law of Leadership’ states, “It’s better to be different that it is to be better”.  Allow me to explain why this concept is so important…

Being better is…well…subjective.  That’s right.  What might be better for you may not be better for me.    You can argue ‘better’ all day long.  But what you can’t argue is different. If you can describe what makes you different, truly unique, you are not only more defined in your field, you are also more memorable.

Take, for instance, two competing restaurants.  They both serve Asian cuisine.  They are both in the same area of town.  They both have renowned chefs.  They have both received 4.5 star ratings.  And they both say they are ‘better’.  But better is in the eye of the beholder.  While I may prefer restaurant A’s sushi, you may prefer restaurant B’s.

Then one day, restaurant A decides to try out a new concept.  Their chef randomly chooses five tables each weekend evening, and presents the customers at those tables with a special preview of a new dish (that isn’t on the menu) and a wine or sake pairing sample.  He spends about two minutes at each table explaining the dish, its origin and its significance to Asian culture and history.  Soon, word gets around about this unique approach, and the patrons whose tables the chef has visited tell many of their friends about their experience at restaurant A.  Guess which restaurant is now different.  Guess which one made their patrons feel privileged and special.  And guess which one will be talked about at dinner parties and on social media for months to come.

Defining your own ‘point of differentiation’ is not only important–it’s critical to your success or failure in any field.  In fact, being the face of your own brand will not launch you to stardom without it.  The truth is, it’s the most difficult part of the process for many of my BrandFace© clients–and yet the most rewarding once we establish what makes them different.

If you’re a business owner, business leader or sales professional, and you’re not sure about what really makes you or your business different, let’s jump on the phone together and discuss your challenges and goals.  I offer free strategy sessions that can completely change your perspective on who you are–and what makes you different.  Book your session now, and don’t spend another day marketing in ‘Better Land’.